SculpSure vs CoolSculpting

How Is SculpSure Different Than CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach, VA: Differences in Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Technologies

Here is a question that we here at Norfolk Plastic Surgery have received from time to time – how is Virginia Beach SculpSure non-invasive fat reduction different than CoolSculpting? Great question! The two technologies yield the same clinical results, but SculpSure – as a newer, and more advanced technology – has many benefits and advantages that CoolSculpting does not.

(SculpSure is clinically proven & FDA-cleared to permanently reduce up to 24% of fat cells in a treated area from just 1 session. Since treatment plans typically include 2 sessions, SculpSure results exceed this.)

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Time of Treatment – SculpSure only takes 25 minutes per area, whereas CoolSculpting can take up to an hour or more per area. SculpSure is certainly the quickest non-invasive fat reduction treatment available today, often easily fitting into a lunch break.

Side Effects – SculpSure does not incur any of the swelling, bruising or nerve pain that can accompany CoolSculpting. Side effects with SculpSure are typically far more manageable. The nerve pain that can accompany CoolSculpting can be quite intense.

“Thermal Spread” – Because SculpSure uses heat – and not freezing – we are able to achieve a “thermal spread” outside the treatment zone. This means that you are receiving fat cell loss even outside the immediate area, so everything will look smooth and even – and no one will be able to tell where the SculpSure treatment ended or began. This is not the case with CoolSculpting, which can lead to very severe lumps, bumps and “bites.”

To learn more about why SculpSure is a superior treatment option for non-invasive fat reduction, please contact us for a free consultation.

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