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Ever dreamt of having the perfect eyelashes – long, dark, and thick? There’s a medication on the market today that can help transform those short, pale, brittle lashes into full and beautiful lashes you can be proud of: Latisse!


Hypotrichosis is a medical condition where people don’t have enough hair on an area of their body. Eyelash hypotrichosis can be a congenital issue or a result of a disease or its treatment. Aging, use of low quality eye products, or a habit of pulling out one’s own eyelashes can also result in this condition. The manifestation is often embarrassing or uncomfortable for the patients.

Latisse is a medication that can help the victims of hypotrichosis by stimulating eyelash growth. It thickens the lashes by increasing the number of eyelashes and promoting their growth.

The discovery of this medicine happened quite by accident. Bimatoprost was a medicine that was prescribed for glaucoma patients. It was formulated to reduce the fluid pressure inside the eye by causing it to drain the fluid buildup. After a while, patients and doctors started noticing a curious side effect: the eyelashes of the patients were becoming longer and more voluminous.

The pharmaceutical company Allergan soon took notice and conducted clinical trials to verify whether a form of bimatoprost could be used for cosmetic purposes. In 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Drugs Advisory Committee granted approval to use bimatoprost for the cosmetic lengthening and darkening of eyelashes. Today, a diluted version of bimatoprost (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, 0.03%) is produced under the name Latisse as a cosmetic drug for revitalizing eyelashes.

The Treatment Process

Latisse is not an over-the-counter drug and requires a doctor’s prescription. The method of application is fairly simple and is done by the patients themselves. It is done only once daily at the same time every evening.

To begin, the patient should remove their makeup and contact lenses. As with any eye medicine, the hands and face must be thoroughly washed before application in order to avoid contamination.

A single drop of Latisse is sufficient for each eyelash. For this, applicators are provided with the medicine. The applicator is gently brushed over the upper eyelid at the base of the lash line immediately after putting the medicine on it. A single stroke on the upper eyelid alone is sufficient for one eye. Excess medicine should be blotted away, and care should be taken so that the medicine does not get into the eyes. Even if it does, it is advised not to wash the eye.

A new applicator should then be used for the other eye and thrown away after use. Applicators should never be reused. The dropper tip should not touch any surface and must be firmly closed after each use.

The effects of Latisse will take a few weeks to completely manifest, and if use is stopped, the effects will wear off.

Try Out Latisse for Yourself

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