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Most people don’t really think about the appearance of their chin. That is because they have chins that they are happy or content with. People with poorly defined, receding, and weak chins tend to be fixated on the way their chin looks every time they catch a glimpse of it.

At Norfolk Plastic Surgery, we can help those who are unhappy with the appearance of their chin. Chin surgery is a procedure that can be performed with or without the use of an implant depending on the aesthetic goals of the patient. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Colen has the technical skill and eye for facial aesthetics required to produce natural-looking results.

Is Chin Surgery Right for Me?

Those interested in undergoing chin surgery are generally unhappy with or self-conscious about the appearance of their chin. They may feel that their chin is too small or poorly defined, or they may feel like their chin is too large or pointy.

Chin surgery can also help to bring balance to the face by evening out the proportions of the facial features. If the chin is too small, it can make other areas of the face seem disproportionately large. If the chin is large or protrudes too much, it can draw too much attention and become the focal point of the face.

How Chin Surgery Is Performed

At Norfolk Plastic Surgery, we offer two types of chin surgery depending on the goals of the patient:

Chin Implant – A procedure intended to enhance the size of the chin and alter its shape. The implant is made from silicone and can be cut and customized so that it suits the aesthetic needs of the patient. The incision for the procedure is made below the chin or inside the mouth. Extreme care and precision are used when making the incision to ensure that any post-surgical marks are invisible to the eye.

Chin Reduction – This surgical procedure is the ideal option for creating a smaller and more refined chin. If the chin is too long or protrudes too far outward, it can be shaved and reshaped into a smaller size that better complements the other features of the face.

Chin surgery can also be performed in conjunction with other facial-enhancement procedures, such as a neck lift. Combining these two procedures provides more comprehensive results and cuts down on the amount of recovery time needed.

Are You Interested in Chin Surgery?

At Norfolk Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide our patients with personalized surgical solutions to their aesthetic issues. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chin and would like to undergo surgery to address the issue, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Colen.

Dr. Colen can take the time to sit with you and address any questions or concerns you have about the procedure. Once you have decided that surgery is your best option, Dr. Colen can perform the procedure and provide you with outstanding results that fully satisfy your aesthetic needs.

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