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Archive for January, 2016


Breast Augmentation – Incision Locations Norfolk

A breast augmentation is an exciting procedure that offers women a chance to enhance their look. Breast augmentations involve the insertion of breast implants through carefully made incisions.

There are generally four possible locations where experienced plastic surgeons Dr. Lawrence Colen and Dr. Theodore Uroskie can make an incision. This will depend on many factors, including your aesthetic goals.

The four major breast augmentation incision options are inframammary, transaxillary, transumbilical and periareolar. In that order, these techniques involve incisions under the breast fold, in the armpit, underneath the belly button and around the areola.

Sometimes, breast implants are placed underneath muscle; other times, they are placed above it. The decision will be between you and your surgeon.

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Abdominoplasty — Excess Skin Norfolk Tummy Tuck

After post-pregnancy weight loss, women are often left with extra skin and stretched fascia (muscle covering). Patients seeking abdominoplasty tend to have concerns about excess skin around the abdomen.

Rapid weight gain followed by a loss of that weight – a process that occurs during pregnancy – is one of the most common causes of extra skin around the abdomen.

With weight gain, the skin and fascia stretch, and once stretched, they do not easily return to their normal size, regardless of exercise or diet. The abdominoplasty removes excess tissue to create a slimmer and tighter abdomen.

Extra skin can cause a loss of self-esteem and self-confidence. This can in turn result in patients being ill at ease in social situations. Abdominoplasty is not a cure-all technique, but in many patients, these issues are significantly improved.

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