Microdermabrasion Norfolk

Skin care is so important and unfortunately many people don’t realize this until there is already damage. Luckily, today there are more treatment options available than ever before to rejuvenate and repair the skin. At Norfolk Plastic Surgery we are happy to offer many skin care treatments to keep your skin looking it’s very best. One of the skin care treatments we offer is Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion works by using tiny crystals to remove the outer layer of dead and damaged skin cells to reveal the smooth, healthy skin beneath. Since Microdermabrasion is removing that dead outer layer of skin, any skin imperfection on that layer will also be removed such as uneven skin pigmentation, fine line, wrinkles and sun damage. Consulting with a skin care specialist is the best way to determine if Microdermabrasion is the right treatment option for you. Contact our office to schedule your consultation today.

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